Scoring programs

Supporting the Bridgemate scoring system


List of scoring programs

Scoring programs are third-party programs and not sold or maintained by Bridge Systems. Please contact their authors for more product information, pricing and availability.

Authors of scoring programs: if your scoring program supports Bridgemate and is not listed below, please let us know and we will add your program to this list.

BridgeCentral Danish DBF Only for clubs affiliated with Danmarks Bridgeforbund
Bridge-It Dutch Bridge Systems BV Only for sale in The Netherlands
NBB-Rekenprogramma Dutch Bridge Systems BV Only for clubs affilated with Nederlandse Bridge Bond
ACBLscore English ACBL Official scoring program of the ACBL. Free use to everyone.   
ASE Scorer 9 English I. McKinnon  
Bridge Scorer English M. Rothwell  
Compass English B. Fearn    
Compscore 2 English P. Busch Available for use in Australia and New Zealand
Duplicate Scorer English K. Sheppard  
Magic Contest English T. Brenning  
PairsScorer English J. Smith  
ScoreBridge English S. Bligh  
TeamsScorer English J. Smith  
Magic Contest (Austria edition) German T. Brenning Only for clubs affilated with Österreichischer Bridgesportverband
Bridge Team Contest German W. Broser      
Merlin German K. Kersting      
Puzzle German  C. Farwig    
RuderSyv German  D. Willecke    
Scorprofi German K.P. Wiese DOS box under Windows 95 - Windows 8  
Topscore German F. Wolf    
BK2000 Norwegian                 
KoPS Polish        
BridgeData Swedish  L. Zetterberg Free for any bridgeclub in Sweden including FSB-members 
Ruter Swedish   T. Brenning Only for clubs affilated with SBF