Important information for bridge clubs in Australia

August 8th, 2014

Mr. W. Willemse no longer official Bridgemate distributor

As per August 8th, 2014, Mr. Willem Willemse,  trading as Bridgemate Austrialia, will be no longer the official Bridgemate representative in Australia. Clubs who have placed an order with Mr. Willemse for Bridgemate materials can send their order to Bridge Systems in The Netherlands who will fulfill the order at the same pricing and supply conditions. (Note that any down payment to Mr. Willemse or any other claim you may have against him will not be reimbursed or compensated by Bridge Systems and clubs who have made such a payment and are waiting for delivery should contact Mr. Willemse.) The website of Bridgemate Australia may still be online, but clubs should be aware that he no longer officially represents Bridgemate and Mr. Willemse has been requested to close down this website to avoid any further confusion. Contact details of Bridge Systems can be found at the contact page.

All support and warranty claims are taken over by Bridge Systems. We ensure that all your questions and repairs will be carefully dealt with and will respond to each request as soon as possible.

It is expected that the current situation will be temporary and a new distributorship will be established. Once a new distributor has been appointed, it will be announced on this website. Meanwhile, clubs in Australia can contact Bridge Systems directly for all their Bridgemate related requirements.

Clubs in New Zealand can contact our agent Jan Spaans who will still be an official representative of Bridgemate in New Zealand.